watch this piece of graffiti come together

the artists


ZASE is a slovakian born artist working out of a studio in the uk.  he has been involved in graffiti since 1996 and has continually worked to improve his skills and develop his own style.  ZASE began his own company, zasedesign, which offers a broad variety of services ranging from graphic design and other print-ready artwork to commercial airbrushing and illustration.  he can also be hired to paint on almost any surface you own from the fronts of bars and restaurants to children’s bedrooms and even you car.


check out his website, here.


DEKOR is a bit more private.  all we really know about him is that he is from france, he specialized in painting big murals, and he is part of the AKV crew.  he often collaborates with ZASE on large building murals.


here is ZASE (left) and DEKOR (right) in front of a mural they completed recently before the scaffolding came down.

the process

watch this time-lapse video of ZASE and DEKOR completing their mural “turtle race” in bristol.  it really shows how amazing the process is and how much work and detail goes into each piece.

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