waffle iron hacks

if you don’t have a waffle iron in your house, you NEED one! not only are they one of the least expensive appliances on the market, but you can make so many delicious snacks and treats in virtually no time at all! here are some of my favorite waffle iron recipes, enjoy!

1. the obvious: waffles


check out these churro waffles from cooking classy.

2. hash browns / tatter tot waffles


this one is pretty self explanatory, but get all the details at family fresh meals.

3. cinnamon rolls


find the recipe at little bit funky.

this is the most genius waffle iron hack! just cook some cinnamon rolls from the can and top with the frosting that already comes with them!

4. omletes


learn more at growing up gabel.

5. muffins


chocolate chip muffin waffles here i come! find out how these babies came to be, here.

6. doughnuts


visit life in the loft house for the recipe.

7. grilled cheese


get the recipe at fifteen spatulas.

8. quesadilla

photo (2) - Copy

check out mo momma for this recipe.

9. pizza pockets


this recipe is brought to you by pillsbury.

10. cornbread


get the recipe at one good thing by jillee.

11. hot dogs

Cooked waffle dogs on waffle iron

check out guava rose for the full recipe!

12. breaded mac & cheese


this one is from will it waffle? (i feel like i’m hosting a cheesy gameshow… get it? cheeeeesy)

13. brownies


recipe from edible perspective.

14. cake


check it out at dear crissy.

15. cookies


recipe from fine cooking.

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