virtual graffiti wall offers an interactive art wall for your event entertainment

if you’ve been struggling to find the perfect way to spice up your parties, we may have found the perfect product for you.  the virtual graffiti wall is a unique and interactive way to engage your guests and make your party one to remember.  like a traditional photo booth, guests can take pictures of themselves using props and filters.  the pictures are then displayed on a large screen where they can use real spray paint cans to virtually draw on their own picture and create giant works of art! instead of paint, when the nozzle is pressed the can “sprays” a ray of light.  the paint appears wherever the can is “sprayed,” just like painting on a real wall. we can’t wait to try one of these bad boys out… who wants to have a party?!

when the party’s over, but you still want to have endless virtual graffiti fun, you can always download the free GRAPHITI app and create your own works of art right on your phone!


learn more about the virtual graffiti wall here | learn more about air graffiti software here

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