turn your couch into a motion simulator ride

what could be better than having your own 4d theme park ride right in your living room? pretty soon that could be a reality! the french company, IMMERSIT, is working on a product that will turn your sofa or loveseat into a motion simulator that syncs up to your favorite movies and video games.

IMMERSIT’s product consists of four air-pump activated “feet” that sit under the legs or corners of your sofa. each foot is capable of moving independently up to 4 inches, creating pitch (back and forth), roll (side to side) and heave (up and down) motion, as well as vibration.  the system could easily support the weight of a couch with four people seated.


the system itself will cost about as much as a high end laptop, and you will need a tablet or laptop to use as a controller in order to  send “motion code” via wifi to the feet. similarly to any 4dx ride sim, a motion-control artist must pre-program any blu-ray, dvd for it to sync up with the feet. if a movie isn’t actively coded, your chair can still be moved passively by matching movement with the audio soundtrack.  video games are much simpler.  the system is synced with your game controller so that when you move, the chair moves and when the controller vibrates, the chair vibrates.

we’re still waiting for more details about when the motion sim feet will hit the market, but we’re just going to start saving up money now!


courtesy of engadget.

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