traveling art installation rolls free

on wednesday, residents of toledo, ohio were in for a big surprise when a 15 foot red ball rolled down one of the city streets. the 250 pound ball is part of a travelling art installation by artist KURT PERSCHKE called “redball project.”  it had been part of a toledo museum of art exhibit where it was wedged between a jeweler shop and a restaurant when a thunderstorm and strong winds knocked the ball loose and caused it to start rolling away. museum staff members, “minders” hired by the artist, bystanders and a restaurant waiter went running after the ball and were able to catch up to it after it rolled about 2 blocks.  the ball was deflated and put into a trailer to be repaired. luckily, the only damage that was reported was a bent street sign.  the ball was repaired and moved to it’s next location in front of the local retro candy shop the very next day. just to be safe, the ball was secured to a vehicle so that it wouldn’t make another impromptu trip through the city streets.

the “redball project” has been travelling around the world for the past 10 years.  it has appeared in places such as abu dhabi, taipei, perth, england, korea and many cities across the u.s.  it has also received a national award from the americans for the arts public art network. creator, KURT PERSCHKE, was born in chicago and moved around the world. he currently lives and works in new york city.  his inspiration for the redball project came from working with an urban site for a commission. one of the areas was underneath an ugly overpass and he was “drawn to the way the concrete bridge merged into the earth and the space it created.” after many false starts, PERSCHKE drew a huge red sphere under the bridge and “felt like that was it.” he chose the color red because it is the color of energy and love. it also creates a sense of play and encourages viewers to let their imagination run free.


check out the redball project website to get more information about where you can find the redball next!

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