the lady in the graffiti car!

LINDA SHERIDAN, founder and ceo of san diego cultural art alliance, is working hard to help the kids in her community.  san diego cultural alliance is a nonprofit that helps kids that are caught doing graffiti find legal ways to express themselves through art. in order to show her commitment to the street art community, she had a few of the graffiti artists at WRITERZ BLOK-a legal graffiti art park located in san diego- spray paint her entire car!


this week SHERIDAN unveiled a location that she would like to turn into another legal graffiti park. the underpass beneath highway 163 is already covered in graffiti, SHERIDAN reasons, so why not give the artists a more structured environment. that way the city can avoid paying the high costs of removing careless, scribbled tagging, and kids will have a safe place where they can actually live up to their full artistic potential.

prevention is cheaper than clean up, which is why SHERIDAN is pushing for more community-based diversion programs. these programs are tailored to specific offenses and offered to kids who first enter the juvenile probation system as a way to keep their records clean and prevent recidivism. the kids that would be part of SHERIDAN’S division program would be those with artistic ability who were not involved in gang related tagging.  the kids would complete an art-based curriculum, including museum trips, professional artist meetups, a course in art history, education about the costs of illegal graffiti in the community and an outdoor mural creations class taught by an experienced muralist.


SHERIDAN is currently in the middle of running a third test run of her SAN DIEGO GRAFFITI & MURAL ARTS PROGRAM by testing the curriculum at a local elementary school. she’s also been getting murals up around town in an effort to spread the word. an agreement that would get the program officially going is close to being finalized. it just so happens that the county is also in the middle of overhaulin the juvenile justice system, and part of that effort includes a redirecting of $500,000 to its current diversion programs.


here at GRAPHITI, we are so proud to have individuals in our community that truly care about the street art scene and encourage kids to find legal ways to express themselves. learn more about the SAN DIEGO GRAFFITI & MURAL ARTS PROGRAM on their website, here.

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