looking for help? shoot us an email

if you are having any trouble, or experiencing any confusion with our app,
please shoot an email to the address below and try to include the following info with your message:

  • type of device, and version number (iPhone 6+ or ipad 4)
  • the version of your operating system (iOS 9)
  • describe confusion or issue and any steps taken that led up to it



is the GRAPHITI app available for android phones?
yes! we just released a brand new update as well!

do the bombs i create on web pages show up on the actual website?
no, GRAPHITI has developed a technology that overlays your content on top of the web page so that only you and your friends see it once you share it.

can i share my “bombed” content on other platforms, like facebook or instagram?
yes! you can also share them to one of our ‘public categories’ so other users can see your work!

who sees the “bombs” that i create? are they private?
you can share your creations privately to JUST the friends you choose, or to a public category for the community of graphiti users to view and ‘bump’!

is there a difference between bombing a live web page vs. bombing a picture from my camera roll?
no, you can bomb any content.

why do you ask me to provide my mobile phone number to create a GRAPHITI account?
in order to protect your privacy, find friends already using the app, and authenticate your account, a mobile telephone number is required. we do not use this information in any other way. however, if you prefer not to provide this information you can also sign up using a facebook account!

is the GRAPHITI app available for ipad?
the app will work on an iPad, but our fully optimized version is not available for download yet on tablets.

can i invite new users to join GRAPHITI app?
yes! you can invite any of your friends through any text message, email, or other social network you use!