street artist destroys 20 years of work in protest

how passionate about something would you have to be to destroy 20 YEARS of your life’s work in protest.  italian street artist, BLU, reached his breaking point last week and spent the weekend destroying every mural he had created in the streets of bologna over the past 20 years by covering them in gray paint.  


this was done in protest of an upcoming art exhibit that is set to feature over 250 pieces of street art, including some from BLU himself,  removed from their original public locations. the exhibition is to be held at palazzo pepoli, and will be called “street art: banksy & co.”


BLU is upset because, not only are public works of art being pulled from the streets, but the organizer of the exhibit is a local bank foundation and its former president, fabio roversi monaco.  BLU explains that “monaco’s name evokes power, money, politics… and the ensuing repressive policies” (wu ming foundation). he also points out that the only people who benefit from taking art off the streets are the collectors and merchants.

BLU goes on to say that:

“after having denounced and criminalized graffiti as vandalism, after having oppressed the youth culture that created them, after having evacuated the places which functioned as laboratories for those artists, now bologna’s powers-that-be pose as the saviors of street art.”


luckily for his fans, BLU’s political, and often times controversial, work can still be found throughout the world from rome, israel, south america, and even the united states.


courtesy of artnet news. follow them on facebook.

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