LATA 65 helps elderly people find their inner urban artist

when LARA SEIXO RODRIGUES, co-founder of covilhã urban art festival, noticed that the senior citizens were the most receptive visitors at the art festival, she promptly began LATA 65.  LATA 65 consists of a series of workshops made up with groups of 10 to 15 seniors. each workshop takes two or three days and covers topics from learning the difference between graffiti, street art and muralism to painting techniques and stencil creation.  at the end of the workshop, the newly graduated senior urban art team goes to work on their own wall. private owners and the city council offer RODRIGUES walls that they will be allowed to spray on.

the senior citizens who take part in the workshop are really enjoying it! RODRIGUES explains that the two testimonies she hears the most are from those who are happy that they can recognise what they see on the street, and from those who’ve found an escape from worrying about how long they have left to live by doing the project.


courtesy of buzzed

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