KATSU brings the art of graffiti to all new heights

last year, well known vandal/artist/hacker, KATSU, made headlines when he figured out how to rig a spray paint can to a dji phantom drone. though his targets at the time were canvases for whitewall galleries, he promised to bring his invention to the streets when the time was right.

well the time has come!  KATSU recently brought his drone out to play in new york city, defacing a six story tall calvin klein billboard. the drone is a game changer in the graffiti world because places that were once inaccessible due to physical constraints and law enforcement presence now seem to be fair game.  in a recent interview, KATSU revealed that he is working on a more user friendly version of his spray painting drone and plans to put it on the market in the near future.

the small markings over Kylie Jenner’s face may not look like much, but it does signify the power that drones will have once the technology becomes readily available on a large scale.


courtesy of wired

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