HULA paints beautiful murals on abandoned sea walls

nyc based artist, SEAN YORO aka HULA paints exceptionally realistic murals while riding atop his paddle board.  from an early age, the ocean has been a great inspiration for YORO. born in oahu, YORO spent most of his childhood days in the water and surrounded by nature. he has dabbled in graffiti, tattoo art and water color, but didn’t start taking his artwork seriously until age 21 when he began to paint the human body.  it was at that point that he packed two boxes of art supplies, some clothes and $800 in cash and moved to NYC to pursue his dream of becoming an artist.


YORO chooses “abandoned places” and nearly inaccessible sea walls to adorn with his artwork. only a lucky few will discover these portraits in person, likely atop a paddle board of their own. to view more of YORO’s artwork, check out his instagram account here.


courtesy of grindtv

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