graffiti run 5k could be coming to a town near you

there’s a new event sweeping the nation and it’s going to get colorful!  the graphiti run is a 5k race, but it’s geared towards participants of any fitness level- walk, run, crawl or roll through the course at your own pace.  the event is about having fun with friends and family and getting doused in head to toe color while you’re at it.

participants arrive wearing white clothing and throughout the three mile course there are several “graffiti zones” where volunteers, staffs and sponsors throw color bombs and at the participants and smother them in color.  by the time the race is over, you’re just one big tie dye masterpiece!  the color is non toxic, made with cornstarch and is even edible (though it would taste awful).

after the race there is a graffiti bash, including: music, food, festivities and even more color!  the graffiti run has taken place at many locations throughout the united states.  if you want the graffiti run to come to a location near you, just pre register on their website.  if the event ever makes its way to san diego, count us in!

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