graffiti dress controversy

the designer of KATY PERRY’s met gala dress may be headed to court.  we know what you’re thinking, but no, it’s not because the dress landed PERRY on the worst dress list for the evening.  MOSCHINO, the high-end italian apparel brand that designed PERRY’s dress is facing a lawsuit brought on by renowned street artist JOSEPH TIERNEY, also known as RIME. RIME claims that the artwork on the graffiti dress is a copy of the giant mural called “vandal eyes” that RIME painted on the side of a building in detroit back in 2012.  to make matters worse, it wasn’t just the image of the mural, but also the name and signature of RIME printed on the dress. but wait, there’s more! not only is RIME’s signature printed on the dress, but the MOSCHINO brand name is displayed in a spray-paint style as if it were part of the original artwork.

adding fire to the flame, PERRY and MOSCHINO designer, JEREMY SCOTT, arrived to the event in a spray painted rolls royce and carried around fake spray paint during the event “as if they were responsible for the artwork.”

RIME explains that although he has worked with a few big brands such as disney, adidas and converse, he regularly declines corporate offers to license his work because of the ramifications to his reputation. being considered a “sell out” in the street art community gravely affects a graffiti artists’ “street cred.”

the lawsuit against MOSCHINO not only charges the brand with stealing original expression and copyright infringement, but also, asserting a claim for misappropriation of RIME’s name and likeness through its marketing endeavors.

check out the pictures below to see the, now famous, graffiti dress (originally worn by model, GIGI HADID during the february 2015 MOSCHINO runway show in milan).


courtesy of cnn

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