graffiti destinations vol. 1

RAINBOW VILLAGE: taichung city, taiwan

the exact history of rainbow village is a little unclear, but the gist of it is that there was a small, run down village where veterans lived, one of them being an 87 year old military veteran known as “grandpa rainbow.”  grandpa rainbow began painting the walls, doors and floors of the village in order to bring it back to life. it was either out of boredom, or a last attempt to keep the government from demolishing the village; either way, the vibrant colors and liveliness of the city has attracted many admirers from around the world who come to see the rainbow village and it’s only remaining resident,  grandpa rainbow.


ART ALLEY: rapid city, south dakota (usa)

rapid city is the second largest city in south dakota. like most big cities, there is a sprinkling of unimpressive graffiti here and there, that is, unless you make it to the vandalism-covered side street known as art alley. this brick paved alley runs from sixth to seventh streets between main and st. joseph.  graffiti covers every surface in the alleyway with pieces from artists of all skill levels from amateur to professional. the walls, telephone poles, pipes, dumpsters, and anything else that happens to be a part of the urban landscape are subject to redecoration in the tight alleyway. with artists constantly adding to and covering up each other’s works, the alley remains a dynamic, ever-changing landscape with something different to see each time you go.


BECCO DO BATMAN (batman alley): sao paulo, brazil

sao paulo is known for their vibrant and lively street art, so it is no surprise that they have an entire street overflowing with intricate graffiti artwork.  locals call this street ‘becco do batman,’’ which translates to batman alley.  there’s a constant turnover in what’s visible along the alley, as an influx of artists consistently start afresh, covering up other artists’ works. this means you will probably never see the exact same pieces again, which is a very unique element of graffiti as opposed to other art mediums.  graffiti is designed to be impermanent.

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