first graffiti & street art museum to open in 2016

houston, texas is no stranger to a variety of unique, and sometimes bizarre, museums within its city borders.  from fine arts, cars, bicycles and printing museums to museums celebrating the funeral business, there seems to be a little something for everyone to enjoy.  that is, except for artist MARIO E. FIGUEROA, JR., better known as gonzo247, who realized that there was just one little thing missing… a museum to celebrate the wonderful art forms of street art and graffiti. after a year of fundraising and project planning, FIGUEROA announced his plans for the graffiti and street art museum of texas to open in early 2016.

the museum will illustrate the history of street art and graffiti in houston, as well as showcase the work of street artists across the country. FIGUEROA states that “the streets are always the best showcase, but it’s time for its own museum.” though there are other museums with sections dedicated to street art, this will be the first stand-alone graffiti museum in the country.  he believes that since this is the first of its kind, the museum will bring many visitors to houston from across the country and even attract many international visitors.

a cool perk of this museum is that FIGUEROA doesn’t plan on putting an admission cost to visit, as he doesn’t believe in charging someone to see art.  guests of the graffiti museum will get to see original art by FIGUEROA from the past 25 years of his work.  there will also be original pieces from other local artists as well as artists across the country. tools of the trade will also be included, such as the many different types of spray cans and nozzles used to create the artwork.
visit the graffiti and street art museum of texas website to find out more information about when the museum will be opening!


courtesy of chron.

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