EROVER, the newest trend in self transportation

what do you get if you combine a segway and a skateboard? an EROVER.


the EROVER has quickly become a popular new toy among celebrities, including: justin bieber, kendall jenner, nicki minaj and skrillex, just to name a few. as these celebrities take instagram photos, tweet pictures and post youtube videos of them playing with their new toys, the commenters seem to want to know three things: what is that, how much do they cost and where can i get one?

in fact, i had the same question, so here’s what i found:

what is it?

the EROVER goes by many different names. the two biggest players are phunkeeduck and io hawk, but there are many others. oxboard, cyboard, scoot, future foot, monorover, airboard, freego, esway, airwheel, and the ever complicated “two wheels smart self balancing scooters electric drifting board personal adult transporter with led light.” try saying that five times fast.

though there are many names for the EROVER, they are virtually all the same.  designs may vary slightly and different brands may offer different color options, but they all share the same basic setup. most are between 25-30lbs and can reach speeds of up to 10 mph.


how much does it cost?

remember how i told you all the EROVERs are virtually the same? well, that doesn’t include the price. depending on which one you buy, you’ll be paying anywhere from $600 to $1,800 for a scooter. why you ask, i have no clue… so i went on a mission to find an EROVER in my price range (i.e. the cheapest available).

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.52.23 AM

where can i get one?

EROVER scooters aren’t readily available in stores yet, and it was surprisingly difficult to  track down many retailer websites, so ebay or amazon seem to be the way to go.  i landed on amazon, and their “two wheels smart self balancing scooters electric drifting board personal adult transporter with led light” EROVER is on sale from $599.00 down to $399.00! what a deal!  it’s available in white, red, blue, blue 0 (what? it looks the same to me) and gold.  you can even purchase a carrying case for $20 more.

so there you have it… if you’ve got about $400 extra dollars laying around, you could be the proud owner of an EROVER scooter.  just remember, you’re never too cool for a helmet, especially when riding on the street!

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