comic lovers will gather for GRASP expo

comic lovers will gather in grand rapids, michigan this weekend, june 27-28,  for the first ever grand rapids alternative small press (GRASP) expo.  MARK HODGES, creator of grand rapids comic con, is the mastermind behind the new small press expo.  GRASP will showcase an array of independent publishers, artists, and writers, but also play on the audience engagement aspects of a comic con event.  many are calling GRASP the sister of comic con, as cosplayers prepare their costumes for the weekend.  unlike comic con, tickets will be much more affordable, attracting entire families to visit the venue this weekend.

events at GRASP include:

  • vending area where artist will be showcasing their prints and other artistic endeavors
  • numerous seminars and presentations geared toward aspiring artists
  • vending hall with books, comics, posters, statues and more
  • nerd-based activities including costuming and a gaming room


there will also be some major players attending GRASP, such as:

RICHARD MEYERS | kung-fu panda, the incredible hulk


BOB CAMP | the ren & stimpy show , spongebob: sponge out of water

In Sponge we Trust-2

ARTHUR SUYDAM | marvel zombies, army of darkness, savage tales


for more information visit the GRASP expo website here, or the official GRASP facebook page here.

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