breaking down stereotypes in brisbane

last month a massive street art festival took place in brisbane, australia, bringing together some of queenland’s top street artists, local residents and curious travelers. the goal of the festival was to break down the stereotypes of graffiti artist as being law breakers out to damage the community and shed new light on the artistic process of street art.


this was the first festival of its kind in the sunshine state and ended up attracting 25 artists from brisbane and around the world to paint dozens of walls, skate decks and even an old ice cream van. it also brought in a lot of visitors who would attend different events each day and be able to see the entire artistic process from start to finish.


the events gave the artists an opportunity to connect with the community by chatting with the viewers who came to watch them.  the artists answered questions and opened the doors for communication about the often-controversial art form.


the street art festival was a great success and the brisbane street art group hopes to hold the festival again next year.  now if only they could organize a street art festival a little closer to ME!


courtesy of abc brisbane news.

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