remembering DAVID BOWIE through street art

DAVID BOWIE has long been a muse for street artists, but after his passing in early january 2016, tributes have been popping up at rapid pace all around the world.


from across seas in places like london and dublin, to across the united states from miami to los angeles, BOWIE’s name and face have been transferred onto walls in beautiful colors and unique styles.


DAVID BOWIE was well loved for his proud and flamboyant personality.  he was a role model for the misfits of the world, who just happen to be some of the most creative people alive.  now, over a month after his passing, a new tribute has popped up and it’s unlike any we have seen yet.  theres a clever twist to a stretch of railing in new york city.  depending on which way you walk by, you will see one of two different pictures! check out this video to see what i mean.


it’s unclear who exactly the artist is, but people have pointed out that the work does bear a resemblance to the style of a german duo known as ZEBRATING.

a similar tribute showed up on a nearby gate after steve jobs passed away in 2011.

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