beautiful artwork made out of… trash?

did you ever think that TRASH could be BEAUTIFUL!? artists around the world have been taking objects that they find in their everyday life, including straight up trash, and turning it into masterful works of art, check it out!


one way that artists are turning trash into art is through ANAMORPHIC ART, or illusion art.  this is where a seemingly ordinary pile of junk can turn into a incredibly detailed sculpture right before your eyes if looked at from a very specific angle.  how do they even do this? mind blown!

french artist, bernard pras, is one of the first artists to use common objects in anamorphic art displays.  for more pictures visit his website, here


ANAMORPHIC ART even inspired artists OK GO in their music video for ‘writing’s on the wall.’ OK GO is known for their unique and unconventional music videos (anyone else remember the treadmills?) !


projected art uses lights and shadows to transform piles of junk into amazing art. when a light hits the trash sculpture, the result is a beautifully artistic shadow cast on the wall behind it.  

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