artist spotlight: MIKE “BAM” TYAU


MIKE “BAM” TYAU is a graffiti artist turned graphic designer and computer animator.  his artistic endeavour began in hawaii where he was a founding member of the ‘hawaii graffiti union masters in art’. he later moved to san francisco where he joined the ‘together with style’ crew and was an active graffiti muralist for nearly 10 years.  BAM stepped away from graffiti and began a career in the videogame industry.  he worked for big players like sega and playstation.  BAM has launched a number of online projects for companies such as microsoft xbox, youtube and red bull. he also started his own computer animation company called secret weapon, where he created 3d animated intros for video game companies..  recently, BAM has returned to his first love, graffiti art, where he has been involved in working on his own murals and maintaining an art director position at the estria invitational graffiti battle.


in october 2012, BAM became a project manager for the mele murals project. mele murals is a youth development, arts education, cultural preservation and community- building project located in hawaii.  one of mele murals’ goals is to create an all-islands public art project that connects youth and communities to the history and pride of hawaii.


in the summer of 2014, BAM worked with another artist, VOGUE (and several apprentices that he calls his ‘ninja turtle nephews’), to create a 1-to-1 scale freight train mural that covered an entire block in oakland, california. it was finished late 2014 and was the world’s largest freight train mural. it took over 700 spray cans to complete!


check out BAM’s blog for more news!

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