artist spotlight: L7M

L7M is a talented graffiti artist from sao paulo, brazil.  he became interested in art very early in life, participating in many contests and winning several cultural awards.  when he was 13 he had his first experience spray painting and fell in love.  L7M has a very unique style, using not only spray paint, but also a mix of china ink, latex, pastel and acrylic.


here’s a fun fact for you: L7M comes from the artist’s real name, LUIS GUSTAVO MARTINS. the “L” corresponds with his first name, “G” is the 7th letter in the alphabet, and you guessed it, “M” comes from his last name.


he is inspired by the many emotions present in the world today from human sorrow and neglect to the beauty of life. his artwork is colorful and full of texture. L7M is most well known for painting birds which, for him, represent freedom.


L7M has a well rounded, full resume, taking part in many exhibitions, working with advertising agencies, and even volunteering in cultural centers and schools to promote self expression through art.


most recently, L7M completed a brand new piece in his hometown of sao paulo: a beautiful and vibrant bird mixed with intense patterns.  this piece perfectly portrays L7M’s signature blend of roughness and elegance in his artwork.


check out more of his artwork on his facebook page, here, and his website, here.

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