artist spotlight: BORDALO II


grandson of famous lisbon painter, REAL BORDALO, artur bordalo aka BORDALO II has been decorating the streets of lisbon with his own colorful artwork for years.  

he is most notoriously known for his blending of trash and other objects into his paintings. by turning burnt aluminum cans, old tires, scrap wood and neglected appliances into colorful animals he diverts garbage from landfills while adding a splash of color to dull city corners.  this is his way of recycling and critiquing the world on it’s need for nice things that are based on junk.

instagram: b0rdalo_ii


his style can be described as a mixture of playful and cynical. he often incorporates bright, neon colors that are often times in contrast with a dull urban background.


BORDALO II’s exotic creatures are scattered all around lisbon, where the artist lives. his rabbits, toucans, raccoons and hummingbirds are all part of a project to raise awareness on the amount of stuff we throw away. his unique technique is the combination of painting and sculpture with a result that is surprising, sustainable and provides urban art a new dimension.

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