have you ever wanted to quit school or your job and go travel? that’s exactly what two travel and nature enthusiasts did starting in june 2015.  DARIUS and TREVOR quit their jobs to embark on an epic 59 week adventure.  their trip includes visiting 59 national parks to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the national park service. the journey began in ohio at the cuyahoga valley national park and they are scheduled to finish their trip just in time for the national park centennial in august 2016. they are documenting their entire journey on their site, #59in59.




Version 2

the original plan was conceived by DARIUS. as a kid, DARIUS’ dad took him to national parks and shared with him the sheer beauty that the parks have to offer.  it was on these trips that he fell in love and decided to set a goal for himself to visit all of the national parks. just before his 30th birthday, DARIUS realized that he was no closer to accomplishing his goal. he thought of ways he could work visiting the national parks into his schedule, but taking one vacation a year to visit a new park would result in him being 72 by the time he got around to visiting them all, so instead he planned something a lot more daring… 59 different parks in just over 1 year!

the planned route


DARIUS recruited his friend TREVOR who also has an eye for adventure. together they decided they would make the #59in59 trip happen! friends, family and even complete strangers have helped crowdfund the trip.


after making plans and stalling for 5 years, DARIUS gave a TEDx Talk about bucket lists and decided to finally conquering his own. follow their journey through their blog, facebook page and the hashtag #59in59 on instagram and twitter.

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