what is 3d printing?

what is 3d printing?


3d printing is quickly becoming more and more accessible to regular people, like me, which is really exciting! if you’ve never hear about it before (have you been living under a rock?), 3d printing is a process of making a three dimensional, solid object from a digital file.  basically, when you upload a file, the machine will lay down tons of layers on top of each other until it reaches the final product.

what materials are used?

  • plastics
  • glass
  • metal
  • polymers
  • wax
  • sand & glue mix
  • edible food (are 3d printers the microwaves of the future?)
  • human tissue (crazy, right?!)

so, what can i print?

now that you know a little bit more about 3d printing, you may be asking yourself, ‘what exactly can i print?” OR better yet, ‘what should i print first?!’ here are a few of the many items that you can have printed with a 3d printer:


  • FOODS: candy, cake decorations, ramen noodles, pizza, pastries and your face as a piece of chocolate
  • INSTRUMENTS: saxophones, trumpets, violins, guitars and drumsets
  • ACCESSORIES: high heel shoes, trainers, jewelry, bikinis and phone case
  • BODY PARTS: organs, limbs, teeth and skin!

this is by no means a comprehensive list… just a few of the fun and unique objects that 3d printers are capable of making.

how can i print my own stuff?

you have a couple of options if you want to print your own 3d objects.  first, you can buy a 3d printer that works with your desired material… which adds up fast. OR you can just upload your designs to a site like sculpteo! they will print out your design and mail it right to you, simple as that!

there are even apps that you can download that will help you design and customize your own printable objects! makies and monstermatic let children design their own dolls and monster toys!

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