360° immersive videos

have you seen the 360° videos that have been floating around facebook and youtube recently? they are epic! if you haven’t seen one yet, check it out!

the easiest way to view this kind of video is on your phone (or your oculus or google cardboard headset if you’re that fancy). you can tilt and rotate your phone and feel fully immersed in the scene of the video. it doesn’t get much cooler than that!

if you’re looking into filming your own 360° immersive videos, i have good news for you! wouldn’t you think a camera that could shoot this kind of video would cost thousands of dollars? well, some of them do, but youtube currently supports video from two cameras on the market that will cost you around the same amount as a hoverboard (BONUS: the cameras are not known to randomly burst into flames).

the richo theta s ($350) and the kodak sp360 ($500) both have the ability to capture 360° video, as well as 360° photos in a single shot.


editing the video is pretty easy too!

step 1: convert your video clips to a equiretangluer video (using the software associated with your camera).

step 2: import the video into your normal video editor (like imovie, adobe premiere or final cut pro) and edit as you normally would.

step 3: save and export your video as a H.264 movie.

step 4: [download the 360 video metadata app for mac or windows] open your metadata app, select your video, inject the metadata infor and save it

step 5: now you can upload your video to youtube for best results!

but really, i can’t get over how awesome this is! it feels like i’m actually there.

even youtube volggers like fun for louis are getting in on the awesome video experience!

and i will leave you with this…



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